Screenshot_Altar Decoration

Church Decoration

Since 2016, the Decorating group consists of the following members:

Connie Ciampa, Pat Ciampa, Teresa Meffe, Ela Ruiz, Anthony Mangione, Ann Mangione, Sam Tavano, Frank Maccarone. ​

Our task is to decorate the church during, Thanksgiving, Lent, Christmas & Easter. For these times we follow directives from the Archdiocese which is sent to all churches in the form of a book.

Lent Decoration


We work with Father Glaba in all the different aspects of the decorating and if a special occasions arises and he wishes to have flowers in the church we will arrange bouquet of flowers.

Decorating is a very rewarding endeavour, if anyone would like to join us we are always in need of new volunteers.


Christmas Decoration