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All Saints' Parish: ShareLife Campaign

All Saints' Parish 2023 Campaign:

Your kindness goes a long way to help others build a good life

“Thank you to all people who donate to ShareLife. With each donation we receive, we are able to attain our goals of assisting people in their efforts of building a good life.”

– Don Walker, Executive Director, Mary Centre.

Thank you very much for supporting our parish’s ShareLife campaign. Our parishioners have contributed $127,036.50 toward our goal of $153,000.00.

If you wish to make a contribution, please give at the parish using a ShareLife envelope or online at

ShareLife Sunday Collection Dates: 

March 26 / April 30 / June 4

April 7, 2023: Show your love by giving to ShareLife

Jesus’ love for us invites us to give to others, especially those most in need. ShareLife agencies continue to support the most vulnerable in our community through services that are only possible through your kind and generous donations.

Our parishioners have contributed $37,113.50 toward our goal of $153,000.00. Thank you for supporting ShareLife!

If you wish to make a contribution, please give at the parish using a ShareLife envelope or online at

Parish Campaign video with English captions: Your Heart = Their Hope: 

We met our Parish Goal of $145,000.00

All Saints’ Parish has always been a strong and vibrant parish for ShareLife, always supporting the mission work of the church. Through the wonderful generosity of our parishioners, we have been able to achieve our parish goal for 2022. Father Andrzej Glaba and the ShareLife committee would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our generous parishioners who made this happen. Thank you so much for making our ShareLife campaign a wonderful success! and for giving hope to all those who are suffering and in need.

We thank you for your generosity!

Dear friends,

We are fast approaching the end of 2022 and we cannot thank you enough for being with us throughout the year: for your support, your prayers, and your generous donations that continue to help individuals and families in need.
This now brings us to where we are in our ShareLife Parish Campaign. To date, our 2022 campaign total is just under $11 million – that's short of our goal of $13.8 million. No doubt, we are in challenging times economically. Yet for this same reason, the number of people seeking support from ShareLife-funded agencies is also increasing. Given the growing needs, it is crucial we meet our goal. And we cannot do it without you
“It is time for us to act,” says Cardinal Thomas Collins. “We are currently short of our goal for the ShareLife Parish Campaign. Reaching this goal means ShareLife-funded agencies can continue providing lifesaving care, never turning anyone away due to background or financial need.”
We can reach it together. From today through December 31, 2022, your heartfelt gift to your parish’s ShareLife Campaign will be matched by an anonymous donor up to a total of $1 million. That means your gift doubles in value!
If you haven’t given yet this year, or if you are able to contribute again, we invite you to make a year-end gift to support the most vulnerable members of our community.
Please give at the parish using a ShareLife envelope, online through Thank you for your compassion and generosity!


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