Divine Mercy All Saints

Finance Council

The Finance Council is an advisory board made up of parishioners that have skills and expertise in management, finance and property maintenance.

The Council advises the Pastor on financial management issues, personnel issues, annual budget, major capital repairs and expenditures to ensure good stewardship and use of parish resources.

The Council is governed by a set of guidelines published and up-dated, as needed, by the Chancery office.

The Finance Council is separate from the Parish Council and is responsible directly to the Pastor. The Finance Council has a seat on the Parish Council.

For information please call the parish office (416) 244-3066 or contact:

Luciano Rubino co-chair    luc@hisharpproducts.com                 

‚ÄčOther members of the council are: 

David Plateo, Luigi Cianfarani, Richard (Rick) Indris, Rolando Ilas, Joe Swain and Verginia Aiello.


Updated: May 3rd, 2022.