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All Saints’ Virtual Recommendations for February and March 2023

Perspectives on Current Events that Challenge our Faith

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1. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

Here is a Lenten video reflection on Fasting and Abstinence During Lent, with Richard Leonard, SJ. https://youtu.be/J8pAi-ua_vk 

2. Lent - 40 days, or more? This resource answers some FAQ’s


3. Climate Crisis A webinar in two parts:

Wednesday, February 22, 2023, 07:00 PM and Wednesday, March 1, 2023 07:00 PM

Around the globe, people are increasingly worried about their future, indeed, the future of all life on Earth. Why should we be concerned? How can we take meaningful action? Contemplative ecology, based on Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si', offers a way to rediscover the mystery of the Trinity in Creation and become agents of hope-filled change. Join Fr. John McCarthy, SJ, a researcher at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario with advanced degrees in Theology and a PhD in Boreal Forest Ecology, as he introduces this concept. Fr. McCarthy will explore how our faith can inform our relationship with the natural world and suggest ways to rebuild, restore, and renew our planet. A recording of the webinar will be shared with registered participants 72 hours after the even.

To Register for this free two-part series, click on this link: https://jesuites.us19.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d0d84250fca44ea9324199f66&id=167bfbe114&e=10cd62893d 

4. The Key to Happiness – The Beatitudes

A recent sermon by Bishop Barron -- A Lenten Guide https://youtu.be/m6245-7y9vo 

5. "PEACEWORK" Featuring Martin Sheen & Fr. John Dear

Often our collective wishes for “Peace on Earth, good will to all” are expressed at Christmas. But for these two life long peace activists, their willingness to commit to working for peace and non-violence is the cornerstone of their faith. THE HENRI NOUWEN SOCIETY celebrated Advent in December with a disarming (pun intended!), in-depth conversation with actor Martin Sheen and Fr. John Dear. MARTIN SHEEN - award-winning actor and vocal advocate for equity and justice, who has been arrested over 60 times for nonviolent acts of civil disobedience; FATHER JOHN DEAR -- a Catholic priest, peace activist, lecturer, and author who has been arrested 85 times in acts of nonviolent civil disobedience against war, injustice, poverty, nuclear weapons and environmental destruction; and host KAREN PASCAL, Executive Director of the Henri Nouwen Society. Listen to this candid exchange. 1 hour.


6. Dynamic Women of Faith Special Announcement

Dynamic Women of Faith - Catholic Women’s Conference (In person)

Click on this link for more information and to Register for the DWF Conference,

Saturday, March 25, 2023

At The Old Mill, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Opening Mass 9:00 am, celebrated by Most Rev. Robert Kasun, CSB, Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto


Other guest speakers include:

Sr. Deirdre Byrne, Dr. Josephine Lombardi, Diana Filipiak, Kasia Ryba,

Sandra Wojcik, Dorothy Pilarski


All Saints’ Virtual Recommendations for December 2022 and January 2023

1.  A reflection on the Third Sunday of Advent, December 11


Joy to the World!

2.  All Oppression Shall Cease: 

Facts and Falsehoods about Slavery and the Catholic Church

In what ways can religion be used to liberate instead of oppress?  How do we come to terms with our history of slaveholding and oppression?  In this webinar, Fr. Chris Kellerman, SJ, will take you through a basic history of the Church’s teachings and actions on slavery and provide some steps for how we can reconcile with our past as a Church.

December 13, 2022 07:00 PM

Click on this link to Register for this free webinar: 


3.  What you need to know about Advent – presented by students of St. Augustine’s Seminary

A one hour recording with insightful and practical suggestions - a beautiful, honest talk.

The Season of Advent is here and, before we know it, the entire world will be celebrating Christmas once again. While Advent is the start of a new liturgical year, it has evolved to become many different things for different people. We may ask: what is the real meaning of Advent? How can I allow this season to bring me closer to God? Am I doing it right? This is the perfect time to learn, reflect, and prepare our heart and minds for a deeper celebration of Advent.


Here are some links to resources related to the discussion:

Abandonment to Divine Providence by Jean Pierre de Caussade

Apostolic Letter from Pope Francis on the importance of the Nativity scene

4.  “Repair my Church: Pope Francis as Carpenter”

Wednesday, January 11 to Wednesday, February 15, 2023 –11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. EST. Regis College, 100 Wellesley St. West. 

Regis College has relaunched its non-credit Windows on Theology Continuous Learning Series. Beginning January 11th, Professor Susan K. Wood, SCL will present "Repair my Church": Pope Francis as Carpenter. 

For six Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., the course will explore Pope Francis's vision of a missionary church. The course is offered both in-person at Regis College and online via Zoom videoconferencing. All are welcome.

COST: $150   CONTACT: Regis College   PHONE: 416-922-5474 ext. 231   EMAIL: regis.development@utoronto.ca   WEBSITE: https://regiscollege.ca/academics/windows-on-theology/  

5.  The Church faces numerous challenges to her identity.

The Jesuits of Canada and Fr. Tom Rosica, CSB, and a former All Saints’ guest speaker, will share how the Gospel of Matthew can help us discern and take the wide-angle view of salvation history. This could give us perspective on our own lives and the courage to re-imagine the Church today.
Matthew wrote his account of Jesus for a Jewish Christian community that had identified itself with the Jewish origins of Christianity. The Jewish Christian community found itself having to work with interested Gentile converts who had no experience of Judaism. Matthew helped the Jewish Christian community forge a new self-understanding. Our times are no different than Matthew’s. Matthew had the gift to go to the margins, as Pope Francis calls us, and re-imagine the church of Jesus Christ. 
Jan 17, 2023, 07:00 PM

Click on this link to Register for this free webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/1216692337996/WN_rbezAwnCQDKhoG2oR3ZHSw 

6.  Horizons of Hope: A Toolkit for Parishes to better understand Palliative Care


Expect to hear more from us on this initiative sponsored by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

All Saints’ Virtual Recommendations for October and November 2022

  1. Indigenous Peoples, Reconciliation and the Catholic Church

 Thursday, October 27, 2022, at 7:00 pm

In this webinar, Wiikwemkoong First Nation Elder Rosella Kinoshameg, DOS and the Jesuits’ Assistant for justice, ecology, and Indigenous Relations Fr. Peter Bisson, SJ, will reflect on the relationship between the Catholic Church and Indigenous communities, Pope Francis’ recent visit to Canada and its implications. What could be next steps towards truth, healing and reconciliation? How are we to continue to walk on the wider journey of reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples?

Register for this free event: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/5316626681969/WN_xjj_u7FlTi-9p_yInFVFOw

  1. Identity in Catholic Social Teaching

Recorded in August 2022 and produced by Catholic Conscience, Dr. Josephine Lombardi and Fr. Kevin Belgrave reflect on the topic of identity in Catholic social teaching.  (1 hr, 33 min)

“Fear is a big driver when it comes to identity and identity politics. If I’m feeling insecure about myself and about what I’m feeling and how other people see me, it’s going to create a fearful attitude. So it’s important to encourage people to feel, but to be aware of what’s informing the feeling...then we can check it with reason.””               — Dr Lombardi

“In the past, life was like a train. It had a track, and you knew the stops. It might go slow, or fast, but you knew the path of life. Now, life is more like a sailboat. You’re told you can go wherever you want, that the sky’s the limit. This leaves us vulnerable and struggling for identity.            — Fr Kevin          

We are at one and the same time unique individuals and members of a class or group.  To what extent do the characteristics of the group apply to us as individuals?   How does being attentive to the identity of others help us come closer to a greater understanding of ourselves?   What is identity politics?  The parish brings together different people and has an enormous role to play in facilitating increased understanding among groups.

Accompaniment is complex.  Ideological identity politics can be aggressive and draws on the intense need to belong at the exclusion of all else - leading to division, if this is emotion driven.

We may have lost some of the shared elements of identity that communities used to have.  What is genuine community and how can our Blessed Mother intercede?


  1. A Mission of Reconciliation and Justice in Israel/Palestine Today

If you have not kept up with the changing realities of the conflict in Israel/Palestine, these two presentations will help to fill in any gaps.  These talks are in-depth, yet easy to follow, and showing up to date data.  Below are the links to the recordings of two outstanding presentations on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict from 1917 to today hosted by David M. Neuhaus SJ, Pontifical Biblical Institute, Jerusalem

Each recording is an hour in length including Q & A.

Recording of Part 1, The history and development of the conflict since 1917


Recording of Part 2, Where we are and where we might be going in relation to Palestine


  1. Preaching in a Secular Age

An interview with Deacon Peter Lovrick from St. Augustine’s seminary, and Fr. Thomas  Scirghi, SJ, who has given seminars on Preaching in a Secular Age, brings Fr. Scirghi’s  knowledge in Communication to light.

His journey from an Italian family in New York, to priesthood, may resonate with some in our community.  He then chose to specialize in Homiletics – “the whole purpose of preaching is to tell people what they want to say”.  “In a secular age, we shouldn’t presume that we no longer live in a religious society,” he said. “There are many who are seeking the Lord.”  In an age when many say they’re “spiritual but not religious,” he said that preachers should meet their listeners where they are.  He uses cooking analogies effectively!

The tips he shares for preparing a homily can also apply to anyone who engages with people in a profound way:  preparing lessons for students (how does the subject bring light to the world?);  addressing a difficult topic with children (how will this make us shine?);  responding to a contentious exchange that has left parties resentful (how can we find common ground to restore our relationship?); delivering of a eulogy (how did the deceased bring light to this world?).  Before speaking, prepare by considering his 4R suggestions:  reflect, research, write, rehearse.  The result is to inspire hope.  Cicero said:  to preach is to teach, to delight, and to move. 

Click on this link to hear this moving interview.  (57 minutes) https://youtu.be/1cz-XSqwqgY


All Saints’ Virtual Recommendations for September and October 2022

1.  A thorough follow-up to Pope Francis’s recent visit and apology to the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit, this course will address issues of racism and other forms of systemic injustice, as well as introduce new approaches to ecological, social, cultural, and ecclesial reconciliation. Windows on Theology at Regis College is relaunching its Continuous Learning Series this fall.  No prior background in either theology or social studies is required to register.  The course will run on Wednesdays at 11am, both in person and virtually, from Wednesday September 28 to Wednesday November 2, 2022.  Registration is $150.00 pp.

Click on the link below to register for “Ignatian Mysticism in the World:  Social Reconciliation in a Post-Secular Age”, presented by Gordon Rixon, S.J., President-Designate of the college.


2.  The Pope Video for September 2022 - Pope Francis: “The death penalty is inadmissible” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7n3tbprV-4

3. Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD): a brief overview

Dr. L. Mavrogiannis MD, PhD, Medical Director, Dorothy Ley Hospice, and Lead Physician for the Community Palliative Group  (Recorded May 26, 2022)

A very complex and emotional subject:  Like it or not, it is the law.  Hear the perspective of a committed Palliative care provider in our community who shares his evolution on this matter, and clearly walks us through the history of events that brought us to this point and  the steps that our laws now require.  Learn the truths and the myths, understand where this is heading, how and why.  (1 hour, 20 minutes) This is a webinar recording, so please fast forward through the first 6:30 technically awkward minutes. https://youtu.be/soGJQcumEag

4. Mother Teresa’s Feast Day: September 5 – Food for thought during challenging current events - 25 quotes on Living Life Beautifully. https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2022/09/05/mother-teresas-feast-day-25-quotes-on-living-life-beautifully/ 

5. Josephine Lombardi, one of our past guest speakers, is delivering a new online course designed to help participants master the “internal curriculum” of life while wrestling with the existential angst caused by global current events and personal realities.

The Experts in Humanity Project, - 12-week course - begins Tuesday September 27, 2022.

-factors that influence human behaviour

-conflict and communication skills


-family of origin/relationship dynamics

-coping skills

-virtuous leadership

-faith formation

The course builds on her award-winning book, Experts in Humanity: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing. Visit www.josephinelombardi.com  for dates, fees, and registration.

This promotional video link will provide you with an overview and registration details.


6. Faith, Science and Beauty in the Stars

A silent retreat at Manresa, Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre, Pickering

Facilitated by Br. Guy Consolmagno S.J., Director of The Vatican Observatory

September 30 7:00 pm – October 2 1:00 pm

From the opening of Genesis to the encyclical Laudatory Si’, our belief in a Creator has meant that we believe God “reveals Himself in the things He has made” (to quote St. Paul). By looking at beauty in both nature and in the science that lets us understand nature, what is God revealing to us? 

Suggested offering: $ 270.00 per person. Includes two nights accommodation, meals, retreat program and spiritual direction.  Register:  manresa-canada.ca  registration@manresa.ca         905-839-2864

7. Magnificat Breakfast: A Ministry to Catholic Women

Saturday October 22, 2022, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Personal Testimony by Antoinette Pace

St. Benedict Church Parish Hall, 2194 Kipling Ave

Registration $25

Register by Pay Pal, or by Mail – Registration closes October 15, 2022

Seats not sold at the door -- Send cheque, payable to:

Magnificat, c/o 111 Jeffcoat Dr. Etobicoke, ON M9W 3B9

include with your cheque, your name, address, phone number, email

and full name of other guests you are registering.

For Inquiries -- Feiona:  416-846-4068  magnificat.toronto.chapter@gmail.com 

All Saints’ Virtual Recommendations for August 2022

1. A Mission of Reconciliation and Justice in Israel/Palestine Today


September 13 -- The history and development of the conflict since 1917

September 20 -- Where we are and where we might be going in relation to Palestine



At the heart of Jesuit identity and mission is the pursuit of justice and reconciliation. In this session, David M Neuhaus SJ will address this topic from the perspective of the Israel/Palestine conflict today.

Register here:     https://bit.ly/israel-palestine-web

2. Canadians against ageism

A recently recorded virtual presentation produced by Vibrant Voices, an RTO, Retired Teachers of Ontario project, with some challenging food for thought and resources for action. 1 hour.


3. The first images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

Consolmagno (Vatican Observatory):

“The universe is not only logical, it is also beautiful.” 13 Luglio 2022 Read only


All Saints’ Virtual Recommendations for July, 2022

1. What Makes Education Catholic? 1 hour


Now that only 3% of staff are members of a religious order, and many students are not Catholic,  this is an important question that requires an answer.  This is a recording of the April 25, 2022 webinar with Dr. Thomas Groome, author of the new book, What Makes Education Catholic: Spiritual Foundations, in conversation with Patricia Dal Ben, representing the Catholic Curriculum Corp., which partnered with Novalis to present this event.

What a comprehensive look at the history of Catholic education both in Ontario and globally!

2. The Pope's Astronomer: Meet Br. Guy Consolmagno, 13 minutes

         2022 First Place Gabriel Award for Best Video for Social Media


Br. Guy Consolmagno has an incredible job.  He is the Pope’s astronomer at the Vatican Observatory.  Most people do not even know that the Vatican has an official astronomical observatory with telescopes in Italy and the USA.  The Vatican and astronomy have a long history dating all the way back to 1582 and the Gregorian reform of the calendar.  The observatory also has one of the major collections of meteorites in the world, with over 1100 pieces from the depths of space.

3. From Peru to Mars: New Worlds and Jesuit Science, 1 hour 24 minutes


This presentation provides fascinating perspectives on Science and Faith, but it is also quite technically advanced at times.    For a quick insight into a current event that was all over the news in mid May 2022, you may wish to consider this short cut:   To learn about the Black Hole at the centre of the universe that was imaged for the first time ever, last month, listen to Br. Guy’s answer to a question about this very recent current event.  Fast forward to 1:06:20 hour/minutes/seconds.

If you want to learn more about the black hole, google vaticanobservatory.com, May 12, 2022.

4. Welcoming the Hidden Christ in Our Parishes, 1 hour 28 minutes


By clicking on the link above, you will see and here a recording of a webinar that was sponsored last month by the Archdiocese of Toronto.  ‘Welcoming the Hidden Christ in Our Parishes’ was presented by an expert panel led by Dr. Constance (Connie) Price, Co-Director of the Office of Formation for Discipleship. Expert panellists from various parishes in the GTA will give us insight into the sometimes-hidden world of the obstacles we are not always aware of that are literally roadblocks to the full participation of our parishioners with disabilities – both visible and not visible disabilities.  This is not about ‘building the ramp’ – this presentation goes deeper and beyond mobility accommodations.

Recommended resources are shared as well.

5. The Wasted Opportunity Report, a read-only resource


Rescuing surplus food in a throw-away culture.

The Second Harvest has provided us with gourmet food for thought.

Can we become part of the solution?

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Virtual All Saints' Guest Speaker Recommendations

Outreach Ministry


All Saints’ Virtual Recommendations for May 7 to june 4, 2022

Blessed Are the Peacemakers | Free Online Conference

May 24, 2022 7:00 pm (Eastern Time)

In a time when war, freedom protests, autonomous weapons, and decolonization are daily news, what does the peace tradition of faith communities suggest for us today? Now perhaps more than ever, peace requires serious consideration. Join people from around the world as we gather on May 24, 2022, at 7 PM EDT, for our 2022 Voices for Peace conference – Blessed Are the Peacemakers.

Our featured keynote — award-winning author and the publisher of Orbis books, Robert Ellsberg, will talk about what it is to create a culture of peace that embraces the radical vision of the Beatitudes.

Special guests include Borys Gudziak, Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church; Willard Metzger, Executive Director, Citizens for Public Justice; Joanne Jefferson, Kairos Indigenous Rights Circle, Stolon Nation; opera singer and concert artist Measha Brueggergosman; and peace activist Sister Mary-Ellen Francoeur.
Event Sponsors
Henri Nouwen Society, Canadian Council of Churches, Church of the Redeemer, Religions for Peace Canada, Citizens for Public Justice, Basilian Centre for Peace & Justice, and The International Thomas Merton Society.

Click on this link to register for this free online conference.


On Reconciliation Between the Jesuits of Canada and Indigenous Peoples

Frequently Asked Questions


In-Person Day Retreats at Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre, Pickering

Listening to Indigenous Voices, May 19, 2022, 9:30 am – 2:30 pm   Offering gratefully accepted.

Led by:   Fr. Bill Robins, SJ, Fr. Trevor Scott, SJ, Mary Hyland and Catherine Von Zuben

A day, led by the Spirit, to learn – to listen – to share – to witness and to pray.  You are invited to gather in the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, to engage in true Dialogue, as we raise awareness about the History and on-going Legacy of injustice left to our Indigenous sisters and brothers.

Register:   registration@manresa.ca   OR  905-839-2864


Exploring the Via Natura with Les Miller, May 30th, 2022, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Suggested offering :  $50.00 per person.  Includes lunch and coffee/tea breaks

The Via Natura is a way of contemplating creation that leads us closer to the Creator. We draw on insights from Celtic spirituality, Teilhard de Chardin SJ, Bernard Lonergan SJ and Pope Francis. We will also be using expressions of the ideas in the presenter’s recent book Northern Light: A Canadian Prayer Book. This day of recollection will remind us about our place in the flow of creation and healing of our damaged planet.

Register online at: https://manresa-canada.ca/events/    OR email: registration@manresa.ca

A Day of Reflection: Catholic Parents of LGBTQ Young Adults, June 4, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 5:00

$50.00 Suggested Offering, includes break and lunch -- Facilitated by Fr. Philip Shano, S.J. 

To register, please call Mike Hyland at 647-296-2499.The day will include Storytelling.  Presentations. Discussions. Communal prayer. Quiet time. Worship.  Socializing.  We hope to provide a relaxed and supportive atmosphere for Catholic parents to reflect on and talk about their concerns and needs, ask questions about Catholic thought and practice, learn about ministries and resources and meet and interact with other parents who are at various points on their personal and family journeys.


Annual Day of Reflection for Women, with The Sisters of Life

Either Online or In Person

St. Augustine’s Seminary, Saturday, June 4, 2022

9:30 AM Start time for all Registrants,

End time:  1:15 for Online Registrants, 2:30 PM for In-Person Registrants

The Sisters of Life will lead us on a journey into the Heart of Woman to uncover and recover the Feminine Genius desperately needed in our day.

In-Person - $50 plus HST
Online - $25 plus HST

Click on this link to see the day’s full agenda and to Register for either the Online Day or the In-Person Day


Conversations in Catholic Healthcare, Saint Monica Institute

Archbishop Thomas Cardinal Collins of Toronto and other prominent Catholics explore troubling consequences of the secularization and commoditization of the Canadian health care system for the dignity and human fullness of those it seeks to serve.  Cardinal Collins joins host David Mulroney, a former Canadian ambassador to China who has served on the board of a Catholic healthcare network; Moira McQueen, PhD, Executive Director of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute; Father Kevin Belgrave, S.T.D., Director of the Institute of Theology of the St Augustine Seminary; and Dr. Pascal Bastien, M.D., General Internal Medicine Specialist at the Queensway Carleton Hospital.

The Importance of Catholic Health Care Series Introduction 1 min https://youtu.be/juFpaoEzixo

Walking with the Good Samaritan 5 min https://youtu.be/h91FQkOA3QA

Catholic Health Care Now more than Ever 5 min https://youtu.be/_Z1SYcna8zc

Questioning the Marks of Medical Progress 4 min https://youtu.be/fupkqwaBEMk

We are made in the image of God 4 min https://youtu.be/HMed_VBp9Ic

The Sacramental Meaning of the Human Body 4 min https://youtu.be/It8En9sPZOg

Life Issues 4 min https://youtu.be/q6OCbeJjDJw

The Human Person 5 min https://youtu.be/hEsQ8PSz9Kc

Scanning the Ethical Horizon 5 min https://youtu.be/dvZVCkoz-30

The Vocation of the Catholic Doctor 5 min https://youtu.be/-NQ5n-Ut1gM

Conscience and Cooperation with Evil 5 min https://youtu.be/Ade89CZeFGo

All Saints’ Virtual Recommendations for April 2022

  1. Following last month’s Part One recordings, here are the recordings of Parts Two and Three of the deVeber Institute’s Lecture Series on Palliative Care and MAiD.

Part Two:  Doctors’ Roundtable

Dr. Leonie Herx:  https://youtu.be/5MUwpn-yTXY

Dr. Thomas Bouchard :  https://youtu.be/JDft9VOASEM

Dr. Paul Zeni : https://youtu.be/BICOV_HrkUo

Doctors’ Roundtable Discussion : https://youtu.be/7JPCWasfyFo

Part Three:  MAiD for Mental Illness

Dr. John Maher:  https://youtu.be/UFWwsnsjibM

Dr. Sephora Tang: https://youtu.be/IjDSULjSLWc

Q and A Session:  https://youtu.be/ZzdKtGnljTE

  1. The first ever virtual Ignatian Spirituality Conference held last weekend provided a rich opportunity to learn from clergy who have spent a lifetime working with and contemplating on our global challenges from a Catholic perspective. Here are recordings of three of the eight presentations. 
  • Ignatian Meditation: Through a series of poignant photos, Fr. Scott Lewis, S.J., offers a compelling meditation on suffering in today’s world and the need for healing this brokenness.  https://youtu.be/BBrU0zMtjrQ  
  • Personal and institutional conversion: Fr. Peter Bisson S.J. candidly walks us through Jesuit history with our Indigenous Peoples, the “cannonball” revelations, and the painful journey and evolution to today’s Peace and Reconciliation.: https://youtu.be/BvdW69ASoEQ
  • Gilles Mongeau S.J. reflects on 30+ years of ministry with marginalized communities. This presentation focuses on accompanying LGBTQ+ persons in the Ignatian tradition. https://youtu.be/hd-sm9-9eu4
  1. The Witness of a Life-Giving Faith

Monday, April 25, 2022 09:00 AM - Monday, April 25, 2022 03:00 PM

Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre, 2325 Liverpool Rd., Pickering

A day of reflection for men and women.  In our environment of growing social polarization and division, in which our Christian faith is so often used as fuel for such polarization and divisions, many people see our faith in Christ as overly-defensive, political and life-depleting. But our faith in Christ was born to be life-giving, as we have been experiencing this Easter season. What does it mean to be alive in our faith in a Christ-like way? What do life-giving Christians in the spirit of the Resurrection give witness towards?

This day will include talks given by Fr. Trevor Scott, SJ, Reconciliation Service, confessions available and plenty of time for private prayer and to walk our grounds.  Included is lunch and break. The day ends with Mass.

Facilitated by Fr. Trevor Scott. A suggested offering of $50 per person.

REGISTER: www.manresa-canada.ca 

CONTACT: registration@manresa.ca 

PHONE: 905-839-2864

  1. A Lenten series with a current events perspective: Four powerful podcasts from “Ideas”, a BBC Radio4 production.  Moira McQueen commented on Dr. Kathryn Mannix’s message: “A compelling talk!”  Each talk is 14 minutes long. 

Please note:  These talks are profound and can be painful to hear as some presenters share deeply personal trauma.


  • A retired palliative care physician Dr Kathryn Mannix explores how to be a companion to the dying as she considers the words, "I was sick, and you cared for me".
  • Author and social entrepreneur Dr Krish Kandiah considers the words, "I was a stranger and you invited me in".
  • Historian and theologian Rev Dr Miranda Threlfall-Holmes considers the words, "I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink".
  • Sexual abuse survivor Dr Margaret Kennedy, now living with a degenerative condition, looks back on the trauma as well as the joys in her life, as she considers the words, "I was naked, and you clothed me".

All Saints’ Virtual Recommendations for March/April 2022

  1. In case you missed Part One of the deVeber Institute’s March Lecture Series on Palliative Care and MAiD, here are recordings of the three presenters. We hope to provide the recordings of Parts Two and Three next month.

David Shannon:  MAiD and Individuals with Disabilities


Dylan McGuinty Jr:  Radical Autonomy in Supreme Court Jurisprudence


Dr. Margaret Cottle:  Dignity Conserving Care


  1. In this very timely episode of Henri Nouwen, Now & Then, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archbishop Borys Gudziak talks about the harsh realities facing the Ukrainian people, and how their faith and strength of character have already given them the moral victory.  Listen to this podcast to learn the historical roots of this challenging current event from the perspective of our Church.


  1. Ignatian Spirituality Conference, 500 years of Spiritual Richness to Use in our Lives Today

8 free virtual sessions, April 2 and 3, 11:00 am to 7:30 pm

Experience time-tested methods to delve deeper in the spiritual life. Make meaningful connections, build community and be inspired. Experience healing, transformation, and hope.

Topics for this two-day conference address some challenging current events:  Ecological Inheritance, How to Pray, Discernment, Journeying with LGBTQ persons in our families, society and church, Pilgrimage Displacement Refugees, and more…

Register here:


  1. On a Spiral Path to the Milky Way with Dr. Gabriela Navarro

A challenging current event for a Catholic woman from Chile who excels in science.

An inspirational story from The Vatican Observatory

When she was a young girl growing up in southern Chile, Gabriela Navarro had many dreams… from being a volleyball player to being an astronaut.

In this podcast, follow the spiral path of now-Doctor Navarro that has brought her to studying the structure and formation of the Milky Way and its galactic bulge with the James Webb Space Telescope in Rome… via the 2018 Vatican Observatory Summer School (VOSS), and the 2019 SuperVOSS (which she helped organize!).  She is interviewed by Br. Guy Consolmagno on March 8, 2022, shortly after receiving her doctorate.


  1. Strength, Hope and Dignity

In case you missed this International Women’s Day presentation by Samaritan’s Purse, here is the YouTube link:


  1. Is There Hope for Judas? A spiritual reflection on Forgiveness for this Easter Season, by Christoph Wrembek SJ.

“Hope for Judas” . . . Judas, the son of destruction…  Judas, about whom the gospels tell us very little beyond the dramatic events during the Passion. Jesus’s loving-saving action finds its culmination in him.


All Saints’ Virtual Recommendations for February/March 2022

1. Last month we recommended a webinar that featured Dr. Moira McQueen and Dr. Massimo Faggioli.  How Do We Walk together as Church?  Embracing Pope Francis’ New Call to Synodality.

During this exclusive webinar, 1,838 attendees joined authors Moira McQueen and Massimo Faggioli for a robust conversation on the topic of Synodality and how the faithful at all levels can participate in Pope Francis’ call to solidarity and contribute to a rich reflection on a vibrant future for the Catholic Church.

Click this link below to hear the webinar’s recording.


If you wish to participate in the first step of the Synodality process that Dr. Moira McQueen describes in the webinar, you may wish to consider taking the Archdiocese of Toronto survey that seeks to generate honest feedback from all parties in the archdiocese in order to inform the Synod.  Click this link to access the survey.


2. The Serra Foundation exists to promote vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life.  Hear what motivated this year’s new ordinandi to embark on this journey.

The Ordinandi Dinner is Sponsored by the Serra Foundation of Canada and the 6 Serra Clubs in the Archdiocese of Toronto

This year it will again be presented virtually on
Tuesday, March 1, 2022 @ 7pm via youtube.com/archtoronto.

A message from the organizers: 
Please join us as we gather to celebrate new priestly vocations and our seminaries.
We hope you will join us as we meet and honour our Ordinandi at St. Augustine’s Seminary and Redemptoris Mater Seminary who with God’s grace, will be ordained to the priesthood in 2022.
Come share with us the unique opportunity to meet these fine men and to hear about the unique faith journey that lead them to this most noble commitment.
There is no cost to view this event.

3. The deVeber Institute presents its March Lecture Series:

Palliative Care and MAiD, March 1, 10, 16

A three-night lecture series via Zoom addressing Palliative Care in the face of MAiD, featuring doctors, lawyers, and psychiatrists at the forefront of the conversation.

Night One, Three Perspectives, features David Shannon, Dylan McGuinty Jr, and Dr. Margaret Cottle who will tackle:

MAiD and individuals with disabilities

Radical autonomy in Supreme Court jurisprudence

Dignity conserving care

Click on this link to register for the first night, March 1 at 8pm.


March 10:  https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_kE_GVeZdTaOqcq9bY_h32A

March 16:  https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_GcQOkTF_QmK8ApYj770lcw

Please note that you must register separately for each night.

4. Samaritan’s Purse, the same organization we supported to send off the Christmas shoeboxes, invites us to join in on March 8 for a special one-hour online event to celebrate International Women’s Day. See into some of the dangers and challenges faced by women worldwide and be inspired by their stories of strength, hope, and dignity. Hear from Samaritan’s Purse staff on the frontlines of walking with these women in Jesus’ Name, including Anna Zatsepina, protection program manager for Samaritan’s Purse in Cambodia.
Learn how you can make a difference in women's lives around the world.

Tuesday, March 8, 9:00 PM EST

Click on this link to register.  


5. Dynamic Women of Faith Conference

An online event – Tickets $28.25

Saturday March 19 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Keynote Speaker:  Antonia Salzano, mother of Blessed Carlo Acutis

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here:


6. Last month we recommended The Newman Centre Catholic Mission Faith and Reason Lecture entitled “Artificial Intelligence”, with Dr. Michael Ryall. 

This webinar was presented on January 27.

Here is the link of the recording:


Artificial intelligence is an exciting and very active area of research in computer science. Many describe the goal of this line of work to be the creation of machines with “human-like” intelligence. Popular culture leaves us with many images of what success might look like, from the killer soldier robots in The Terminator, to the oppressed robots of Blade Runner, to the special agents in The Matrix, to the idyllic companion in Her. Unfortunately (or not, depending upon your perspective), none of these scenarios will materialize any time soon—contrary to media hype, machines exhibiting truly human-like intelligence are still way off in the distant future. Nevertheless, we have entered the Age of AI. This technology may not be up to creating the kinds of beings imagined in science fiction movies, but it is powerful, it is omnipresent, and it is exerting a massive influence on the affairs of humans. Is this influence good or bad? In this talk, Dr. Ryall will explore the answer to that question from an Aristotelian/Thomistic perspective of human flourishing: do these technologies make us more or less human?

All Saints’ Virtual Recommendations for January/February 2022

  1. A Zoom presentation and conversation with Sister Nathalie Becquart, XMCJ, Undersecretary for the Vatican Office of the Synod of Bishops, on Synodality, Young People & Church was held on Friday, January 14, 2022.  Here is the recorded version. 


We suggest that you fast forward to the 10 minute mark to see a fabulous animated video that clearly explains the meaning of and intention of this three year Synod.  The Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada are very proud to have worked so closely with Sr. Nathalie, the first woman religious ever to have been selected to participate in such a meaningful position.

This presentation and discussion will prepare you to participate in an upcoming virtual event on Wednesday February 16, at 11:00 am with Drs Moira McQueen and Massimo Faggioli.  This is a free presentation as well, but you will have to register for it. 

How Do We Walk together as Church?  Embracing Pope Francis’ New Call to Synodality

Register:  https://bit.ly/RegisterSnodality

Finally, you may wish to consider taking the Archdiocese of Toronto survey that seeks to generate honest feedback from all parties in the archdiocese in order to inform the Synod.


  1. Sister Joan Chittister is interviewed by Karen Pascal of the Henri Nouwen Society about “The Monastic Heart” and offers valuable insight and encouragement for these unprecedented and challenging times. A Benedictine, the oldest order in the Catholic church, she speaks openly about the beauty of our faith from the perspective of a 1500 year old order which is still a shining light in our world today having endured many struggles.  No giving up.  Embrace the grace. 

Enjoy this podcast.  40 minutes


  1. A simple meditation by Henri Nouwen

The “Ifs” That Enslave Me

As long as I keep running about asking “Do you love me? Do you really love me?” I give all power to the voices of the world and put myself in bondage because the world is filled with “ifs.” The world says: “Yes, I love you if you are good-looking, intelligent, and wealthy. I love you if you have a good education, a good job, and good connections. I love you if you produce much, sell much, and buy much.” There are endless “ifs” hidden in the world’s love. These “ifs” enslave me, since it is impossible to respond adequately to all of them. The world’s love is and always will be conditional. As long as I keep looking for my true self in the world of conditional love, I will remain “hooked” to the world—trying, failing, and trying again. It is a world that fosters addictions because what it offers cannot satisfy the deepest craving of my heart     

  1. The Newman Centre Catholic Mission


Thursday, January 27, 2022 at 7:00 pm

Online Event | Eventbrite Registration: artificialintelligence2022.eventbrite.ca 

  1. A drop of hope for global Religious Freedom. Happening now. Watch this story.  A positive initiative from Kasakhastan.  5 minutes


  1. Some food for thought

From:  A Network for Gratitude at https://gratefulness.org/ 

If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished? RUMI


Franca Gallucci & Domenic Di Giacomo

Virtual All Saints' Guest Speaker Recommendations

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