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Queen and Mother of All Saints

The Queen of All Saints Prayer Group welcomes you!

Join IN THE POWER of the ROSARY every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00PM via zoom please contact Maddalena at maddv64@gmail.co for more information or see information below:

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Meeting ID: 819 0860 6745

Passcode: 421035
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+1 647 374 4685Meeting ID: 819 0860 6745Passcode: 421035
In Christ through St. Joseph and Mother Mary
Queen of All Saints prayer group



Are you searching for meaning in life? Are you satisfied with yourself, but feel there should be more in your life? Do you feel that something is missing and thirst for inner peace?

JESUS is the ANSWER to all your quests. Come and see our Group: in an atmosphere of genuine, caring community, where we strive to practice Christian love in a spirit of unity and fellowship, you will, in time, experience a true encounter with the Risen Jesus, who died so that you may have abundant life (see John 10:10 and Acts 2:42).

 We gather every Wednesday, from 7:15 p.m. to 9 p.m., in the church hall, to give praise, thanks, honour and love to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

Through songs and inspired prayer we ask our Heavenly Father to anoint us with the gift of His Holy Spirit, so as to build up the Body of Christ (as brothers and sisters), and make of us "witnesses of the Gospel" (Acts 1:8).

While the theme of each Wednesday evening varies, the main content includes praying the rosary, songs of praise, moments of quiet reflection, sharing from the Bible and the Teachings of the Church, exercising the spiritual gifts (1Cor.12), praying for the sick and individuals' needs.  

Every second Wednesday of the month, we gather in church for the "ONE HOUR WITH JESUS", adoration and Benediction.   Everyone is welcome to "Come and see…"(John 1:39).