Holy Family All Saints

Pastoral Council

Current Membership 2022-2023

​Father Andrzej Glaba


Carmenza Loaiza

 Parish Secretary


Verginia Aiello


Frank Maccarone

Vice Chair

Anna Maria Manieri


Luciano Rubino


Marianna Betro


Mary Desanti


David Morassutti


Nick Mossa


Barb Nickel


Angela Vigna


​Roberta Sestito

Pat Ciampa


Domenic Di Giacomo


Sue Del Giudice


Ida Pilla


Oscar Torres



A general meeting was held on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, whereby an election was held to either initiate or re-elect existing members to our parish council. Our newly appointed parish council members are as follows:

David Morassutti, Anna Betro, Angela Vigna, Roberta Sestito, Pat Ciampa, Domenic Di Giacomo, Mary Desanti, Sue Del Giudice, Rosangela Alessandrini, Ida Pilla and Oscar Torres. 

The newly re-appointed executive members are: Verginia Aiello - Chair, Frank Maccarone - Vice Chair, Anna Maria Manieri – Secretary. We thank all members, existing and new, for their dedication, time and personal commitment to serve our community of Faith. 

Parish Council meetings are held the first Monday of each month in the parish hall at 7pm (except July, and August and holidays). Check the bulletin or church News on the website to confirm details. All parishioners are welcome to attend. 

There are many events planned for this start to a new year both scholastically and liturgically. We will communicate accordingly. 


Find out more about the council's objectives and activities with the links provided:

All​ Saints Church Pastoral Council Constitution

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