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Ladies Auxiliary

‚ÄčThe Ladies Auxiliary was re-established in 2003 by a group of women from All Saints' Parish for the purpose of socializing and organizing spiritual events (community breakfast), trips and annual fundraising events (bazaar) in a spirit of camaraderie. 

At present the board consists of 14 Members and we meet once a month. Once a week (please check the bulletin for more updated times) we get together in the Church hall on Tuesday afternoons at 1 pm to socialize, make plastic mats which we donate to Dr. Simone for distribution, we also knit for our annual fundraising event. 

New ladies are welcome to join us, we are always in need of knitters, new ideas and wool. 

Thank you for all the support in the past. Hope to see you in the future.

President: Connie Ciampa

Past President: Victoria Orlando

Vice-President: Mirella Pistone

Vice-President: Nicky Di llio

Treasurer: Nancy Ceccanese

Recording Secretary: Mena Sestito

Below are some of the charities that have benefitted from our fundraising events: 

War Amps- Champs program

Eliza House women Shelter

St. Francis Table

Out of the cold

St. Vincent the Paul Society

Canadian Food for Children

Teopoli Summer Experience

Mater Dei